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No hope, no respite

September 18th, 2005

Nothing can be done.

Update March 2015

Having battled depression for over ten years, I can not recommend blogging about your personal problems. Some people will never believe you and they just do not care how much their words and actions hurt you. I doubly do not recommend blogging about your personal problems while looking for work. Depression has left many gaps in my resume and I’ve never recovered from doing my MBA at the Sauder School of Business.


  • Muskie says:

    My MBA Classmates still don’t believe me or they just don’t care how much their words and actions hurt me or how hard they made my life.

    Neither does the administration at the Sauder School of Business or the University of British Columbia. They insist I must be lying, that the only reason I would go out of my way to help a classmate, especially one that insisted they were my friend right up until I complained about how they were treating me, was because I wanted to harass them.

    Why would I go out of my to help all my MBA classmates and always tell the truth if I had anything to hide? Other people lied, they lied to me and they definitely lied to the administration, ask anyone about the numerous cheats in our MBA class? My classmates just kept deceiving me, using me, and hurting me, maligning me, and ostracizing me and the administration kept insisting “I must be lying” or that “Nothing could be done“. I was just expected to suffer everyday for the rest of my life, preferably in silence and out of sight.

    That was the official solution, I’m the official problem.

    I continue to suffer everyday for almost four years now. People still don’t believe me, they still don’t care, they just pretend I don’t exist or that nothing happened or that they were some how ignorant to all the threats, all the lies, all the pain and suffering. They didn’t notice me getting threaten, they didn’t notice me dropping out, they didn’t notice me losing my will to live…

    They just kept pretending, just kept using me, just kept hurting me.

    I live in fear still.

    I’m still considered a liar and a lot worse, all because I told the truth and tried to help my Sauder MBA Classmates, especially those who insisted they were my friends.

    Right Marlene?


    Why Anne DeWolfe?

    Why Wendy Ma?

    Why must I be lying? Why must I be punished? Why must I be threatened? Why must I have suffered no negative effects from the words and actions of my classmates and the administration? Why was I just ignored? Why was I allowed to go unthought of, unnoticed, unemployed, unalive for over a year and a half? How come so many people lied to my face and in writing, yet the administration and the rest of my class said nothing other than “Nothing can be done” or “I must be lying?”

    Why Peter Chow?

    Why Damien Vilaysane?

    Why Wendy Chang?

    Why Irene Leung?

    Why Tracy Yang?

    Why Sverre Panduro?

    Why Darlene MacNeil?

    Why hurt someone so much they drop out of their Masters program and try to kill themselves? Why hurt someone so much all the while claiming ignorance and innocence, until it becomes so blatantly obvious you’re just using and hurting someone for your own amusement and selfish short sighted gain?

    Why turn your back on someone, a friend, a classmate and pretend they don’t exist, when they are begging you to believe them, to stop hurting them, to help?


    I haven’t forgotten what you people said, and I’ll never forget what you did?

    And still you don’t believe me, still you don’t care how much you hurt me or how hard you made my life. Almost four years of suffering everyday now… and for what because I told the truth? Because I went out of my way to help all of you? So you people could get a little further ahead in the life at the expense of ruining mine?


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