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To Alice

September 18th, 2005
Hello Kitty Guitar

Somehow when I went to buy a cheap accoustic guitar with Danna I not only ended up with my Axe but with lessons as well. My second lesson is tomorrow at 9:30 or something. My teacher insists I must learn “To Alice” which both he and Danna claim is a famous song. That was the first guitar lesson I’ve had in over 20 years! I’ve been diligently practicing the song. Luckily I tried to teach myself classical style guitar in Japan and I’ve not been using a pic for years now so I was able to do the finger picking which is a very repetative pattern, OK. My real problem is the barre chords, I think that is the right term. I always play the standard chord so now when I need a barre chord my index finger is giving me grief.

My B Major isn’t working so good anymore despite may hours spent practicing it and some sort of quasi Spanish strumming pattern during the last six or so months. Danna is also studying guitar now too. She kind of needs to, my teacher only speakes Chinese and my Chinese is horrible, hopefully I can find the motivation to study Chinese a lot. I am having real motivational problems the last six months or so funnily enough.

If I keep practicing maybe I’ll be half as good as Marlene Lau someday.

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