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Angkor Wat Money Shot

September 25th, 2005
Cambodian Flag

While procrastinating this week, I went through my entire iPhoto collection or just about. This was prompted by being forced to join yet another site on the internet. I was forced to join Flickr in order to view photos of my friend Blair’s wedding. As Flickr is now part of Yahoo and I already have a Yahoo ID it was relatively painless. Lots of bloggers use Flickr or sites like it to host their images. I host everything and pay for all my bandwidth myself.

So I try to keep photos at a lower resolution even when I have a a higher resolution version of the image. Although a subject of much debate among Danna and I, I still maintain I take good photos. I’m willing to work harder than the average person to get them and I have my own way of looking at the world. Here is an example of my photographic skillz.

I have a whole gallery of pictures from the Angkor ruins I dubbed AngkorMusk.

Angkor Wat

  • I just noticed I spelled Flickr wrong over and over in this post. Oh well it wasn’t as famous back then perhaps, but it had already been purchased by Yahoo by the time I wrote this.

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