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October 5th, 2005
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Although we are only at the fifth day of the month of October, already I can see the effect of Muskblog and probably a recent update of the google index/algorithm is having on my referrer logs. Many of my Sauder MBA classmates names are popping up in my logs as potential employers Google them. This was something I suspected would happen and even wrote about.

Here so far are the top twenty search engine terms for and will be substantially different.

1	6	16.67%	nurgle
2	2	5.56%	ines biedermann
3	2	5.56%	takashimaya times square
4	2	5.56%	wendy chang google
5	1	2.78%	aeon teacher's experience
6	1	2.78%	castellon paula
7	1	2.78%	chinese phrase
8	1	2.78%	deep bay bc
9	1	2.78%	five towers of angkor
10	1	2.78%	games day 200-
11	1	2.78%	geos japan bad
12	1	2.78%	gilbert kamuntu
13	1	2.78%	iron warriors army list
14	1	2.78%	iron warriors tourney army list
15	1	2.78%	korean high school girls
16	1	2.78%	longines symphonette
17	1	2.78%	maelia
18	1	2.78%	meat purveyors beans n sweepings
19	1	2.78%	muschamp
20	1	2.78%	mwongera mberia

I’m particularly proud to rank for korean high school girls. Once again it appears I’ve missed my calling, I should have been a porn webmaster.

Update December 2015

Another year is coming to an end and I’m still trying to turn this blog into something worthwhile, something I can be proud of. I’m glad I never became a porn webmaster but I did seem to miss out on too many opportunities well I was doing ‘the right thing‘ like finishing my Computer Science degree, not breaking contracts, doing an MBA, helping my classmates, doing a professional certification, working at a non-profit, it all added up to one messed up resume making me difficult to employ and a blog that despite thousands of hours of effort has not made me rich and famous, not that I really want to be rich and famous, I just wanted to be happy, apparently that was too much to ask for at the Sauder School of Business.

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