Muschamp Rd


October 5th, 2005

…people come to your door and you have to give them money. Best not to think about it too much. Today’s visitor was the water lady again. I think she was here such a short time ago it wasn’t worth her time so she just waived her hand and left. I didn’t even get to offer her a glass of Apple juice.

I really need to work on my Chinese.

The same thing happened in Japan. Even if you can’t speak any of the language, it can usually be communicated that you owe them money for something. And they are unlikely to leave before you pay. Of course you have to pay cash, yet another reason to keep an ample supply on hand. In Japan your utilities would come as a bill which you could pay at any convinience store, but NHK or someone else would still come around in person wanting cash.

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