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October 6th, 2005
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Although Dave completely ignored what I told him to do, largely because he doesn’t know how to use Excel, a complaint that can be made of many MBA classmates, ditto for Word. Regardless here is the team, it looks like he’s turned me into the Nashville Predators and that can’t be good.

Players Protected from Last Year

  • V.Lecavalier
  • J.Allison
  • S.Gagne
  • D.Vyborny
  • S.Koivu
  • C.Drury
  • E.Nabokov
  • P.Lalime

People Dave Chose

  1. Savard
  2. Walker
  3. Berard
  4. Cammalleri
  5. Mara
  6. Rucchin
  7. T.Kaberle
  8. Hartnell
  9. Vasicek
  10. V.Bure
  11. M.Bergeron
  12. Parise

If Zach Parise has a good year I get the credit not Dave or the Hockey News, I sent Dave a last minute email which apparently he read to take him at the end. I also wanted Jeff Carter which Dave convienently chose for himself even though I picked before him…

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