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Canadian Thanksgiving

October 10th, 2005
Team Canada

Today is Canadian Thanksgiving in China. Well actually the official celebration seems to be Saturday at the St. Regis hotel. Danna and I have talked about going, but it is pretty formal and priced accordingly…

Last year I had a pretty Chinese Thanksgiving. I wonder if anyone will invite Anni Cao for Thanksgiving dinner this year? I’m not sure she understood the importance of the holiday to Canadian families. After all she fell asleep during “the Princess Bride”, that is a crime in itself.

Maybe she doesn’t grasp the concept of reciprocity, I was under the impression it was very important in China. Although the linked to article doesn’t specify, the character for bao that is discussed, it is probably 报. Depending on what it is combinded with it can have a variety of meanings.

I learned yesterday that báo can mean thin. It depends on the tone and of course the Chinese character. 薄 this thin can only be used for objects while 瘦 shòu can only be used for people. My Chinese needs so much work. One interesting phrase I came across in my Chinese/English dictionary while writing this posting was 不识抬举 [bu4 shi2 tai2 ju3]. I’ll have to get one of my Chinese classmates or language exchange partners to explain that one further. I think it is potentially very applicable to the situation I’ve been in…

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