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My what big calves you have

November 18th, 2005
Michelle Jin's Calves

Funnily enough I haven’t gotten to use that expression ever in English nor in any other language. I just Googled “my what big calves you have” and it isn’t used on any other webpages either. Another first for Muskblog!

Update: This post is still too dubious and too popular, if you are looking for #fitspiration or pictures of fit people might I suggest Pinterest.

I never knew there were so many people obsessed with women’s or even men’s calves. This website ended up ranking too well for calves and other anatomy related keyword referrals. This post also attracted some strange and disturbing comments. It isn’t easy being a blogger sometimes. I heavily edited this post over the years and removed many dubious comments.

The famous calves and thighs of Sandy VuI think this post used to have more pictures, but I took most of them down. Sometimes it is better not to look at your referral logs too carefully, nor see what other websites rank for strange keyword referrals. Discussions about calf size pop up in strange places, like the Okay Player discussion board…

I’ve mostly learned my lesson about finding images online and then reposting them to my blog. There are still some dubious images on Muskblog, I still remember all the trouble I had with hotlinkers. At some point someone put up a website called “Girls With Muscle” whose members scour the internet for pictures of women showing off their muscles online. They linked to one of my dubious blog posts. Some of the photos on that website are probably copyright, all of them are probably copyright someone other than who posted them to that website. Another reason to resist posting dubious images is copyright law, lawyers aren’t the funnest people to deal with in the blogosphere I assure you.

Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, all the latest Web 2.0 darlings are used to share images found online. Go scour those websites and leave strange disturbing comments there, they all have functionality to block people the best I can do is mark your comment as spam.

Calves are Surprisingly Popular

This blog posting is still one of my top 10 blog postings in terms of popularity on a monthly basis, I’m not sure why, it has less pictures now, there are a lot more images online than there were in 2005, Instagram and Pinterest being two places where #gymselfies and #fitspiration can be found easily. At some point while living in Shanghai I got talked into returning to Instagram and I even got guilted into posting my first gym selfie. I even got challenged to train calves because mainly I don’t. Mainly I’m trying to get smaller not bigger, but seeing as the obsession online with calves is real and I feel some guilt over some of my past blog postings, here is a picture of my calves taken after spinning class.


  • Loadmaster says:

    I think Asian women with thicker calves should be thankful. A beautiful Asian women in high heels and somewhat heavier calves in my office is extremely sexy. I'm constantly borrowing office supplies to get a peek ;~)

  • BuggyGirl007 says:

    Well, y'all should check out my calves. lol. I've always been teased about them since maybe…my middle school years. The kids would point and stare. Though, I never really had a problem with it myself until girls started to say mean things directly to me.

    • Batman_mmvAtYaWHO says:

      Tell me more! I’ve always adored women with big, muscular calves.
      DWM, Boston Massachusetts.

      • Muskie says:

        I doubt that person is every coming back to my blog, but congrats on replying to a decade old comment, this is a blog post I probably should never have made, but despite many edits, must still rank for some obscure keywords in some search engine, either that or you scrolled way down. Some days I think of taking the entire website down, but that is work, and I just don’t have the energy to replace and update everything.

  • Muskie says:

    Well I don’t know how obsessed I am. I never knew about the whole female Asian calf size issue until I read about it, in Time magazine or something. Then multiple female Asians mentioned it to me. So I did some Googling, a lot of Googling. ;-)

    I may be editing your post, I’m not sure you want your MySpace profile here afterall, then again maybe you do.

  • BuggyGirl007 says:

    Yeah, I thought the whole obesession with calves was kind of strange. Oh and no I don’t think I would want to expose my calves to anyone here…lol. Honestly, I don’t think my calves look like that woman who models for collegeshape (mine are smaller compared to hers). However, compared to the girls I grew up with, I was known as having “soccer legs” or “runner’s legs.” It was funny and kind of embarassing in high school because the boys would ask me how I got those legs and all I can say was, “It’s heredity.” My grandfather was a soccer player with big calves himself…got it from him. Damn it. lol.

    Is this ‘big calves’ thing only with Asian women that these people are obsessed about (including you)? Weird…and yes, I happen to be Asian too. Though, I’m not Korean.

  • Muskie says:

    I have to warn you, there are people way more obsessed than I am. I did some Googling and I wrote a few blog postings in jest, but there are people who can be very insistent and bothersome…

    You didn’t leave a URL or a picture, but if you did people would be interested. Though you might not want the type of attention you would get. I was surprised how many people end up on my website looking for pictures of calves…

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  • BuggyGirl007 says:

    Well, y’all should check out my calves. lol. I’ve always been teased about them since maybe…my middle school years. The kids would point and stare. Though, I never really had a problem with it myself until girls started to say mean things directly to me.

  • stkeller says:

    OMFG. that chick’s calves are deformed. Well, Musk nice to see you back to your usual high jinks. On a scale of one to 10. With one being Colby, and 10 being Musk. This is an amazing 8.5


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