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Hockey Highlights on CCTV9

December 7th, 2005
NHL logo

Last night I turned on the TV to the international version of CCTV, good old number nine. I watched the business news, travelogue, Asia news, some history program, and then world news. At the end of the sports section of world news, which was the end of the entire program they played the closing credits beside hockey highlights from Ottawa vs Florida.

This was the first time I’ve seen NHL hockey, even highlights in a long long time.

The reason I watched so much TV last night was I was practicing my guitar and even tried to learn some Chinese. Today’s guitar class still didn’t go well as I was unable to play some jazz chord. When I bridge all six strings with my index finger I have trouble with the G string ringing true. It is OK if I don’t do anything complicated but this jazz chord… I spent half an hour or something stupid on this one chord. It was cold in the shop so my hands were partly numb all the while, my little pinky in particular is really sore right now and it hurts to type.

Although I make no claims to be a good guitar player, I’ve put in a lot of time practicing the last ten or so months. And I must confess, I like playing scales. Maybe it is because I was never forced to do it as a wee lad, having given up guitar in grade one to concentrate on soccer. Maybe it is because I’m a Sadomasochist (the one where you do things to make yourself suffer) or some other mental illness I have, but I find scales therapeutic. The sheer mindless repetitiveness of them. I play them forwards and backwards, slow and fast, hammering on, bending strings, trying to make them funky, trying to make them bluesy. I don’t even know that many of them so my latest scale gimmick is to play one scale forwards and then another scale backwards then forwards then the first scale backwards. I came up with a combination of scales where this works out perfectly ending up exactly where I started. It probably wasn’t an original discovery but it covers seven frets and all six strings, but despite playing all these scales I still need to do painful hand stretching exercises or something cause I can’t play one jazz chord.

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