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Windows on a Mac, Why not?

January 15th, 2006
Microsoft Windows

It is old news now, but I haven’t exactly been surfing the web at my leisure of late, it appears the new Macintosh’s powered by Intel CPUs will run Windows natively but you will have to wait for Vista to ship.

Assuming I can find a job someday and assuming I ever buy a new computer, seeing as how I have no complaints really about Loretta and Evangeline, I’ll likely buy another Mac portable and maybe I’ll even cough up for Windows/Virtual PC from Microsoft, if for no other reasons then not to be an entire version behind of Civilization.

I can’t see what they added to the game. I started another game yesterday of Civ III, this time on a huge map. I’m playing as Babylon and I’m on a big island with Persia. We have been at peace now into the beginning of the Middle Ages but they have all the Luxury Resources. One of their cities I surrounded with my own finally switched sides. I’ve sent out and lost many a galley trying to find more land to expand. I’ve pretty much improved my current land as much as I can.

I think my strategy is starting to come back to me. I research so I can build Granaries, Temples, than Libraries. I made an unsuccessful attempt to build the Great Library. However this often happens, I think after the Republic the next thing to research towards is Construction. I got that too late this game as I made Map Making a priority and Xeres would not trade much with me as he always had the tech lead given that I had no luxuries and had to spend more making my people happy/content.

Now I must fly as I have Chinese class and I always need to study more…

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