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Another Civilization III Loss

January 28th, 2006

So yesterday I found a new way to lose at Civ III. I was playing as the Romans, my first game ever as the Romans on the second largest sized map. I had been leading since the stone age almost. I had over 2000 points. Persia and I of all people had wiped everyone else off our continent. The Russians controlled their own continent and were in second place. They had a lot of Battleships which bombarded my shores. I finally built a lot of Jet Fighters and Bombers to stop that annoyance. I couldn’t build enough ships to fight their Navy.

I had made sure and built the United Nations and didn’t allow any elections until the Egyptians were good and neutered as they had an alliance with Russia. I was ahead in the space race with Russia and further up the tech tree. I think I needed one more tech and one more space ship part. Then I lost.

Egypt won. Persia and I had killed every one of their cities on our continent. However there was this small island. It was controlled by Egypt. I had a city on it and so did Russia for a long time and I fought a fierce battle, air lifting in troop after troop. Eventually I gave it up and then allied with Persia so it was two against one on our continent. I had to give Persia some tech or something to make them see eye to eye. I had previously warred with them at least once.

Egypt won the Space Race, I didn’t even know they had launched their ship. Memphis their capital should have been sacked sooner it seems, I had no spies there, I didn’t even consider them. They had like 800 points. Russia was in second and Persia in third. I was afraid to spy on Persia but Russia I made sure I was ahead of them and I didn’t trade Persia anymore tech…

Moral of the story, you can’t win when you’re dead. You can win when you have four small cities on an island though.

Although I didn’t mean to, I started another game almost immediately. This time on Monarch as Greece. When I first started playing I chose Greece because of the Hopolite and they are scientific and start off close to the Great Library. I ended up playing until 3 AM or something. I failed to build the Great Library for like the fifth consecutive game, next time I’m not trying. Even though I’m on Monarch I’m not winning, I’m going to lose the Space Race I think. The standard size maps have less water but more interesting land masses, perhaps the larger maps are more realistic, but standard seems to produce more interesting and playable games.

Here are my research priorities in my losing Roman effort. Once again my highest score is a loss!

  1. Iron Working
  2. Literature
  3. Construction
  4. Currency
  5. Republic
  6. Monarchy
  7. Education
  8. Navigation
  9. Gunpowder
  10. Theory of Gravity
  11. Magnetism
  12. Economics
  13. Sanitation
  14. Steam Power
  15. Replaceable Parts
  16. Industrialization
  17. Electronics
  18. Flight
  19. Advanced Flight
  20. Recycling
  21. Fission
  22. Synthetic Fiber
  23. Robotics

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