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Added Another WordPress Plugin

March 29th, 2006
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While surfing some of the blogs which I haven’t subscribed to but have linked to, I found a posting on the Subscribe to Comments WordPress plugin. I promptly installed it. I still haven’t gotten OpenID to work and it has complicated the installation of my Gravatars plugin and now this plugin.

The author seems to have planned for the latter. I should try contacting him again about my problems with his plugin but it isn’t a high priority for me. It appears things have worked themselves out for the best.

WordPress needs some sort of plugin registry system.

In 2019, I undertook a major upgrade and overhaul of my blog. WordPress eventually got a plugin registry system to make adding WordPress plugins to your blog easier. I don’t think I’ll ever get any credit for advocating for it back in 2006. I really was ahead of my time too many times for too little profit. I have to advocate using less plugins and only plugins that are well supported by reputable authors. If you have thoughts on WordPress plugins you can leave them below.

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