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Civ III: Spain

April 17th, 2006

So after years of stubbornly not playing as Spain I decided to give them a try on a large map. I had also tried Portugal and Greece out on Huge maps. I learned two things, one you need Map Making badly on large maps especially when you are stuck in the arctic and two my 1.2 GHz G4 PowerBook with 700+ MB of memory can not play a huge game with the maximum number of AI opponents.

I posted on CivFanatics about my disappointment at the performance of Civilization 3 Complete on my one and a bit year old PowerBook. As for Spain, I like seafaring, it makes a good city improvement, the Harbor, even better. I also discovered what I already mentioned, being religious is good in Civ III. The only rival is militaristic for best civilization attribute. Portugal and Greece are neither religious nor militaristic. Needless to say I lost all three games. I also discovered that you don’t want to be at war with the Vikings especially once they have their special unit, the berzerkers. That has to be the most powerful unit in the game before guns are invented. There is a CivFanatics strategy guide discussing the unique units.

I still like Babylon a lot, but my current high score in Civilization III Complete is with Egypt. My high score in plain old Civ III was with the Aztecs. That said since the switch to C3C I’ve been doing a lot more loosing than winning, but then a lot has changed. I’ll have to try to get over 3000 points somehow, even if I have to resort to being a warmonger.

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