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Glorious Civilization III Complete Victory

May 9th, 2006

Well it is my new highest score and my first win in a while.

After numerous losses I finally won again on the Monarch difficulty. These recent loses were almost exclusively religious civilizations including using the Celts with whom I share an ancestral heritage. I like the Celts they are religious and agricultural and they have a good unique unit, however I just couldn’t seem to win with them or India.

Dismayed I was thinking it is too bad their isn’t a Canadian civilization. Looking at the many, many civilizations that are available I decided the most Canadian was the Iroquois. I had read on CivFanatics how they were suppose to be one of the better civilizations with their unique unit, the Mounted Warrior being particularly powerful in theory.

I started up the game and got a starting spot with two cows. The map was an Island map, the first I had played in a good while. I shared my island with Rome, not one of my favourite neighbours. I was able to deny him land and though it required going to war once I refuse to let him march through my territory. With a good start I was able to expand and settle many of the secondary islands as well as play the role of trader. I never traded contact information though eventually I did trade world maps.

During my many loses I tried as always to stay out of conflicts. I was willing to pay 26 gold or whatever paltry demand was made to keep the peace. However eventually one of the AI Civs would have a big military victory. I would not get sucked into fighting them. However the AI Civ would proceed to get bigger and bigger and eventually attack me unprovoked. You can not play a completely isolationist strategy. Sometimes though it upsets the masses you have to go to war to prevent any AI civilization from pulling too far ahead.

In my glorious victory, I was in first place from the get go almost. Despite that I had to fight some wars in one point being ganged up upon by almost all the AI. Eventually I signed a mutual protection pact with Japan and after that the AI seemed less eager to fight me. That and concentrating on science and having a superior military both technologically advanced and experienced due to building barracks and wonders.

In Alpha Centauri pursuing science was my favourite tactic but in Civ III it is far less effective. The AI has too many advantages including an unwillingness to trade with you at times. However this game I was able to lead in technology from the Medieval Ages onward. I believe I made a be-line for Literature and built the Great Library though I only gained two or three advances from it.

I think the Island map prevented trading among the AI Civs allowing me to lead in technology. Despite this being my best game ever, despite leading from the get go, despite having the lead in technology, population, and culture it took a long time to win. I’ve been playing this game for over a week, something like a eleven plus hours in total. I finally won a cultural victory, but not just any cultural victory, a single city of mine, my capital “Double Cow” achieved 20,000 cultural points by itself. This was a result of building nine Wonders of the World in the city. In previous Sid Games I would spread my Wonders out, but in Civ III Complete and the single city victory it pays to put the cultural wonders all in won city.

I ended up with a score of 2211 which is a bit disappointing. It took so long to win and although I led in technology the world as a whole was not as technologically advanced as it usually is. The Island map prevented everyone from trading as optimally as they could have. So although the Island map helped me win it is also harder to score highly on whether you are trying to win by science, diplomacy, or military conquest.

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