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Odd Search Engine Referrals

May 9th, 2006

Inspired by ranking in the top ten for “big tits blog” I decided to delve a little deeper into Google Analytics and list some of the other odd phrases people have typed into a search engine and ended up at a decision I would ultimately come to regret.

Besides the usual winners such as Nurgle or Plaguemarines or various MBA classmates in the last week alone the following phrases actually were used to get to a page on my website.

  • muskie porn
  • 5 things learned from mba
  • 任望宇
  • eat alphabet soup shit better lyrics
  • “chinese men” “in bed”
  • how to actively look for a job
  • “30 piano masterpieces”
  • book last train from roppongi
  • giroux family tree 1920
  • seemed like a good idea at the time
  • turbonegro “fuck the world”
  • kaart marketing
  • gun store vancouver
  • anne dewolfe
  • “reformed rabbi”
  • how to put on marine camo face paint
  • impress korean girls
  • winnie tong calves
  • simile in a stage play
  • storage lockers train station japan

Those are just the ones that stood out this week. Try them yourself, see if they still work. Maybe I’ll make this an ongoing thing.

Update December 2015

Collecting odd keyword referrals did become a ‘thing‘ for a while and all it did was lead to ever stranger keyword referrals. Eventually I took my blog down, I purged content. I edited posts. I attempted to make this blog more professional, to improve the taxonomy, after ten years I am still trying to recover from my MBA, I’m still trying to be happy, and sadly I’m still editing and improving this blog.


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