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May 9th, 2006
Hello Kitty Guitar

I’m reading totally guitar: The Definitive Guide and it has thousands of pictures of both rare vintage guitars as well as some specialty manufactures. One guitar manufacture that seems pretty interesting is Parker. They have engineered their guitars significantly different at the neck, supposedly for better playability.

My next guitar, ie my dream guitar and amp setup hasn’t changed but if I had bags of money there are a lot of cool guitars I would like to try out including a Parker Fly.

Another guitar I saw for the first time in this book was a Burns Bison. These things were made in England in the 60s. It came in a four pickup version and it is definitely a different looking electric. Don’t look for one in your local shop, 49 of them were made forty years ago so they are a little on the rare side.

Another cool vintage guitar I came across in the book was an Alembic Series I. On the same page is an Ibanez that actually looks like something I would play, a 78 Musician MC500. Vintage guitars are either blind luck or really expensive. It is a game I don’t want to play. I’ll stick to dreaming about owning an actual in-production guitar such as the Parker Fly or Gretsch Nashville.

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