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MySpace validates musical taste?

May 16th, 2006

Many years ago I had a Bloodbowl team and I named the players after various independent bands. People were lining up to play my team and marvel at the players’ names. Two of the players were Turbonegro and The Meat Purveyor. Turns out that The Meat Purveyors are friends at least in the MySpace sense with Turbonegro. Or perhaps it is all a big joke, since they never managed to link to the real Turbonegro MySpace page. I know the difference because their record label invited me to link to them. You never know when someone who says you are friends with will change their mind.

So I like the Meat Purveyors and they have a new album coming out called “Someday Soon Things Will Be Much Worse!”  I still don’t think it will surpass “All relationships are doomed to fail” but I’ll check it out after I get a job and have an income again.

Just because I’ve blogged about MySpace again, doesn’t mean it still doesn’t piss me off. Some of the worst designed webpages it has ever been my misfortune to wait while they load are on MySpace. Generally I don’t wait for them to load. The Meat Purveyors MySpace page is also giving me grief. I have yet to be able to add them as a friend, it always times out.

Another complaint I have is all the audio and worse still video people try to load automatically. Usually I don’t want my computer to suddenly play music and I definitely don’t want to wait for some stupid video to download. The entire world is not on broadband. The crap I usually have to wait for, in addition to bloated fugly web design, is crap people paste in the comment field.

Perhaps MySpace’s rapid expansion has finally caught up to them and their system just won’t scale so well anymore. It seems to be running particularly crapily right now, but it could be on my end. But if it is on my end why can I blog just fine?

The point of all this, my CD collection, containing a lot of artists that don’t get played on the radio, fits right into MySpace. At least on the portion of MySpace inhabited by musicians. Of course a lot of the music I listen to is by people who are dead or bands that are no more, but that is another blog posting…

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