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May 19th, 2006
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A little known fact perhaps, but not if you see my web server logs, is that I used to be something of a gamer. I’ve probably played games as long as I’ve done anything. I started playing soccer when I started elementary school. I started playing games about then or earlier. I like all types of games, card games (note this doesn’t mean Magic the Gathering, but regular old cards), board games, video games etc. I haven’t had the time or the opportunity to do much gaming in the last three years, but I keep an eye on things.

Lately I’ve been playing a lot of Civilization III on my PowerBook, but if I wasn’t living in Deep Bay I’d probably have played something other than a one player strategy game. Although I played a lot of video games growing up I’m mainly a strategy gamer now. And due primarily to Owen working for Games Workshop I’ve played a lot of their games over the past ten years. We sometimes play games by other companies such as Steve Jackson Games which makes some of my personal favourites, but it often comes back to Warhammer and especially 40K as that is what my friends play.

However “my friends are scattered like leaves from an old maple” and my life is unsettled but maybe coalescing into something. Anyway while not playing any games with three exceptions (1, 2, 3) I’ve still been thinking a lot and doing a little miniature painting. I’m trying to finish off my Warhammer 40K Nurgle army. But I still have lots of Chaos Space Marine models and other daemons that I’ve acquired over the years so I’m thinking of doing a small army that uses the Wordbearers rules and then possibly some Noise Marines and Bezerkers and using the Black Legion rules to mix everything together.

The other thing I occasionally get hassled to do is finish building and painting a fantasy battle army, so I can play that game. I own enough deamons to field a Nurgle Daemon army, but having done that and seeing how limiting it is due to lack of ranged attacks and cavalry I’ve vowed to never do that again. I also own an even older Ork and Goblin army and through Owen’s prodding have about 1000 points painted. Unfortunately it is difficult to field because I own mostly gobbos and after painting hundreds of them I still don’t have a 1000 pts and they aren’t based and some detail work like banners and shields need to be done…

Anyway I think about getting them on a table just for fun. They will not look as good as my Nurgle army. I have to find a medium where I can get more miniatures painted in less time. There is an article in the newest White Dwarf where a guy assembles and paints a 2000pt Warhammer Army in a week. I’ve done some epic painting to get Grand Tournament armies ready but I can spend a week or more on a single model. And did I mention I own a Goblin army they cost like 2 pts a model.

One thing I noticed while doing my MBA was the Ogre Kingdoms army. I’d hazard these have sold pretty well as it is a low model count army that hits hard and should be easy to use as they move 6″ too. The other reason the ogres should sell well is you can use them as mercenaries in any army. The same goes for the just released plastic Giant. The problem is the army composition rules that they have introduced I think with sixth edition. I already own two old metal doom divers and having bought more new Orks and Goblins was going to paint 2000 points and be done with them. I planned my army list to use the stuff I own rather than some optimal dream army. However all the cool stuff seems to count as rare so to field the Ogres or a Giant, which I would have to buy from GW, which is what GW wants, I would need to paint another 2000 points of Orks and Goblins. I haven’t even gotten the first 1000 points done yet.

Part of the problem is I’ve vowed not to take Black Orks or even Big’ Uns. Just lots of Gobbos with a few Orks. I’m not crazy enough to field an all Goblin army, though supposedly they are what does the real damage in an Ork and Goblin army. I wouldn’t really know having not fielded them in over 10 years.

So while I’m slowly working on my armies the rules keep changing. I just bought a sixth edition Warhammer rule book. I basically know the rules having read enough battle reports but some of the finer points are lost on me. I know a new rule book is coming out but it could be here in as little as four months. I won’t have my Goblins done by then. Plus from some blog posting about Games Day Baltimore (which I can’t locate now) it appears the Orks and Goblins may get a new army book and even the Chaos Space Marines could get redone yet again.

Anyway should I find the time and motivation I plan to do some painting, though summer is the worst time of year for painting, and I’ll probably showcase the models here. I almost would rather paint just for fun. Units, particularly large units which is what the Orks and Goblins are all about, are trying. Vehicles are what suck the life out of me, in 40K. I don’t know if I ever will get my Chaos and Ork and Goblin stuff done for Warhammer and 40K and I refuse to even think of starting another army, though that is what GW wants, until I’ve painted what I own. The one exception is my original Rogue Trader era Space Ork Army that is neither going to be stripped and repainted, something I’ve done with portions of my Chaos Space Marines, nor modernized for the new rules which I’ve gone through several time for my Nurgle army and I’m having to do a little of for my fantasy orks and goblins. Luckily little changes in Warhammer Fantasy Battle and the army was not painted or even assembled in a lot of cases when I was in high school/university.

I plan to photograph some of my old models real soon now. We are again clearing off the pool table upstairs as we are having guests and this time before my mom covers it with her bills and sewing stuff I will use it to photograph some of the non-Nurgle models I have painted and sitting in boxes in a storage room. This is a larger number than some people might think so stay tuned I guess.

Although I have three elaborate conversions already finished and awaiting painting and no shortage of rank and file models to do, the armies that are in the planning stage lust after the Hellcannon and the Ogre Leadbelchers. I’m thinking of not doing a third 1000 pts of Orks and Goblins and instead just painting up the extra rare choices. The Hellcannon apparently counts as two rare choices in a mortal army. After my experience with a fifth edition all daemon army I’m doing mortals with daemons including plenty of Marauders on horse with just a single unit of Plaguebearers. Now after I finally buy the rules, seventh edition is just around the corner and I never even learned what Magic Resistance actually does though I can make a more informed guess having thumbed through the rulebook. It seriously needed an index at the back.

I basically don’t buy anything unless I need it for a conversion and haven’t done so for years in an attempt to get finished some of the stuff I already own. So I wouldn’t expect to see many painted miniatures that were released in the last five years or so. I can field entire armies of OOP stuff. Many things I own are still in blisters or their original box with shrink wrap, why open it if you aren’t going to paint it?

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