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About those Nigerian cyber scams

May 23rd, 2006
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Apparently, “White people are too gullible. They are rich, and whatever I gyp them out of is small change to them.” That’s the pull quote from SEO Black Hat and CNN.

It’s good to know entire generation of con artists are being groomed in the third world. I’ve seen this first hand in my travels. The older generation lack the English skills to pull off really elaborate scams they just try to overcharge or direct you to a friends/relatives business for a referral fee. I used some internet cafes in Cambodia and I was very aware of the possibility of key loggers. This is another reason not to use one of the big internet free email services because those are the cookies and packets the key loggers and packet sniffers are looking for. That is the same reason there are so many more viruses and scumware for PCs the authors are lazy and shoot for the lowest common denominator.

Of course this article deals with bilking Americans specifically while they are still safely in the good ol’ USA.

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