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Willie Nelson and the Sound of Silence

June 6th, 2006
Willie Nelson

The silence is unusually loud tonight,
The strange sound of nothing fills my ears.

This line came to mind while doing some thinking in the shower. Maybe kids nowadays know him for appearing in Mike Meyer’s movies or remakes of old TV shows or even Gap ads, but Willie Nelson is actually one of the 100 Greatest Living Songwriters.

Normally I don’t blog about lines from songs, but this is the second Willie Nelson quotation to form the basis of a blog entry in the last little while. Usually I quietly add them to my collection or just try to recollect the entire song the line comes from, however this line was timely and prescient.

Before I could write this blog entry or even check my email I got a phone call from another recruiter. Just last night my mother was complaining about how blogging can possibly negatively affect your job prospects and maybe it has. However having your resume online and indexed by Google continually leads to phone calls and emails. They are almost exclusively looking for software developers and they are often contract work which I don’t want.

Today it was actually for a company that I had looked into working for back when I was doing my undergrad degree. However things never worked out, I don’t even think I ever had an interview. During my MBA I tried repeatedly to get a guest speaker from that company to come and speak to our Technology club and despite knowing several employees and meeting numerous people at events I was unable to accomplish that goal before going to China.

I did manage to get the CEO of Mainframe Entertainment to come despite everything that went down at that time. The Willie Nelson line fits… which is why it leads off the blog entry.

For further irony or serendipity for those in the know, the company who’s recruiter found my resume is a little video game studio whose initials are EA. Recently I had been putting almost all my efforts into another IT firm a little further South named after a river. In fact when my mom brought up that blogging is bad I pointed out that the hiring manager I spoke to at Amazon had a blog which I learned of through his LinkedIn profile, so I trust he isn’t trying to hide this fact.

I found this all out after the interview, when I talk to people I don’t immediately after the conversation ends, run and put their name in Stalkerati, though perhaps I should. I know a fair few of my Sauder MBA classmates have been doing a little googling of late. Almost every single one ends up at our class photo which I put online. Those that don’t well… I’m trying not to say anymore about them but it is hard when everything is still affected by their actions.

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