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Dominate search results, the Romanian way

July 20th, 2006
Dilbert Google logo

Apparently a Romanian has managed to get Google to index 4 billion pages in under 3 weeks. Obviously he didn’t write 4 billion pages by hand, they were machine generated… Maybe they were scraped, maybe he used a variety of unsavory techniques. One of his domains is the ultra catchy We’ll have to see where this domain is in a few months.

Update: In December of 2013 his main domain is now available. Presumably he made his money and moved on to another disposable domain. Supposedly the Google Penguin and Panda updates have made this more difficult if not impossible to do.

His domain is actually a redirect, or that is all it did when I tried it on June 20th 2006. The site I ended up at is some kind of pseudo search engine that likely is all paid links. I of course searched for Nurgle and this was the number one result. Actually I think I had to go through a number of other redirects first…

Apparently is “The search engine you trust“. Note the related searches in the right column and compare them to the most profitable keyword phrases.

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