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Guy Kawasaki on Getting a Job

August 17th, 2006
Job Wanted

Yesterday I added a comment to my lengthy posting about looking for a job online linking to an interview Guy Kawasaki conducted with Libby Sartain a senior HR person at Yahoo!

Today Guy shows how he would apply to an actual position at Yahoo! in the form of a cover letter and two sample resumes.

My favourite quotation:

getting a job is not about competing on an even playing field. You use everything you can to tilt the field towards you: friends, relatives, hours of research, school alumni connections, vendors, service providers, whatever.

I’m guilty of not doing this enough. I foolishly believe in the concept of a meritocracy. The world isn’t fair, I knew this before I did my MBA but after how I was treated at the Sauder School of Business…

I should leverage my connections, alumni status, even my blog and website more than I do. I definitely put in time doing the research, I even turn some of it into blog postings which may have been more clever than I originally intended. I’m still waiting to hear back from the company I interviewed with yesterday.

No one who has ever hired me before was disappointed. Everyone I’ve ever asked to write a letter of reference for me has said yes. Toni Garrett commented on this once while I was at UVIC, she said she always looked forward to talking to my supervisors and reading my co-op workterm reports, because they were always so positive. I got into all the universities I’ve ever applied to. I even turned down the opportunity to interview with a prestigious private American business school, because I wanted to return to Vancouver, perhaps I should have considered other schools.


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