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Latest batch of Keyword Referrals

September 30th, 2006

Though I try to avoid blogging, I generally check Mint daily and cut ‘n paste any amusing, confusing, or just plain odd keyword referrals that I notice into a text file. I then post these dubious keywords to my blog which generates more dubious keyword referrals. My system is far from a scientific approach, but it amuses people other than myself so what the hell, here are some more:

  • chinese girl with big tits speak english
  • legendary big tits
  • porn from Duncan B.C
  • japanese blog pics rina
  • biggest boobs on Married with Children
  • chinese internet language
  • definition of nurgle
  • orange amp
  • guitar callouses
  • massive and large women blog
  • Dr. Gislow UBC
  • johnny cash songs covered by supersuckers
  • send its forces abroad is like giving liquor to an alcoholic
  • hot guys adrian cheok
  • characteristics of stanley kubrick films
  • women with big breasts speak
  • short skirt on a park bench
  • prone korean girls
  • irene leung man yee
  • sauder mba easy
  • looking for a job programming online
  • pessimistic person
  • tsinghua school of economics
  • address confirm canada paypal rbc
  • building model buildings for warhammer 40k
  • best ramen in toyohashi
  • muskie babe
  • average size of an adult women’s bicep
  • pictures of diseased people
  • A map where my name came from
  • definition of ostersize
  • what website can i go on to get to when it is blocked?
  • 百度 郭耽
  • big tits japanese -sex -hentai -pussy
  • gymnast fetish
  • resume project manager victoria bc
  • origin death metal
  • youtube calves

Some of these are pretty disturbing and I’m pretty sure the people who ended up at typing in some of the more dubious terms were disappointed to say the least. As for the last one I decided to do a search on YouTube itself for calves, you can check out the results yourself.

Maybe in the future I should keep track of what page they actually end up on too, though that is just more work.

Update December 2015

I can’t recommend collecting odd keyword referrals like I did for years, what can I say I was sick. You need to emphasize the positive. If you can’t do that perhaps you should not blog or be online at all. I know there are self help websites and useful information online but sometimes all you do is surf dubious content and waste your life sitting in front of you laptop, you need to logout sometimes, get up go for a walk, get some exercise. Having blogged for a decade I can’t say it was worthwhile, especially doing things the hard way like I have.

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