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Painted a Nurgle Chaos Lord

October 17th, 2006
Nurgle Lord

So in between looking for a job, boning up on my Excel skills, helping my mother paint her house and other sundry tasks, I painted a new Nurgle Chaos Lord armed with a Kai Gun. If you want to read how it was done, what colors I used etc. all that information is available elsewhere online.

If you have an uncontrollable urge you can head over to Cool Mini or Not and vote on this model.

A Nurgle Chaos Lord armed with a Kai Gun

Eventually I posted a collection of my Top 10 Chaos Space Marine models on this blog and in late 2018/early 2019 I undertook a major overhaul of my web empire including my old website devoted to this Nurgle Chaos Renegade army. Also along the way I added a miniature painting blog and a featured image because I’m trying to improve the Quality of this blog. So if you have any thoughts on blogging or painting you can leave them below.

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