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New Warhammer Orcs & Goblins book

October 29th, 2006
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After several failed attempts I now own the new Warhammer Orc and Goblins book. I never actually used the previous edition in a game nor the sixth edition of the rules. I think the last time I played Warhammer was the fifth edition and the last time I used my Orc and Goblin army was the fourth edition. So to say I don’t really know how to play is fairly accurate.

What I did use my Orc and Goblin rule book for was planning my army. I had it all planned out up to 3000 points so I could field the second Doomdiver I own. Now I have to rethink things.

I quickly was able to turn up much more in depth and insightful reviews of the book such as this one. I found it from Da Warpath’s 7th Edition FAQ thread.

Some things I noticed when flipping through it in the car:

  • Grom the Paunch is back. I own this model, not because I like special characters but because at the time it was the only way to buy a goblin chariot.
  • Goblins can be fielded without shields, which is how mine are modeled.
  • Gigantic Spiders are back though mine has a Forest Goblin shaman on it, which is no longer an option, I’ll probably strip this model and repaint it with a different hero riding it.
  • The magic items are all different.
  • The special rules have changed.
  • Orc units are better, for instance only Orcs generate additional power dice.
  • Goblin units are more expensive.
  • Squig hoppers are now a unit again.
  • Night goblins can use netters easily.

I’m going to have to price out what I’ve painted and rethink what I will paint next. After finishing up all the command (1, 2, 3) for my three painted units of goblins I was going to paint one Doom Diver and my Rock Lobber and I would have had a 1000 points. I’ll probably still do that, though I need to order or convert additional crew members. After that I hope to actually play a few games but my plan for a big unit of Orcs with choppers and de-emphasizing my old lead boar boyz seems to be solid. I don’t know if I’ll field as many wizards and warmachines as I originally planned nor what I’ll do with my chariots or what order I’ll paint things. My current paint plan is more 40K oriented anyway.

I definitely will be fielding an Orc Shaman of some type, possibly even a Shaman Lord, in order to use the spells of the Big Waaagh in larger games. All Goblin armies become a lot less viable and attractive, bad news for people who have painted hundreds of goblins. Basha’s Bloodaxe makes fielding a lone Orc hero on foot intriquing. Martog’s Best Basha seems like the best deal at only 15 points. Though the Sneaky Skewer and Lucky’s Dirk are also cheap, goblins have some magic items that will likely ensure goblin heros don’t disappear from the battle field. I’m not sure the Big Red Banner is as good and it was. I built an entire unit neigh an entire army reliant on it.

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