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No Assholes

October 31st, 2006

Someone at Standford has written a book called “The No Asshole Rule”. And funnily enough Guy Kawaskai has written a favourable review. I haven’t read the book, it may still be in preproduction or whatever they call it in the publishing industry. Anyway while reading Guy’s review I couldn’t help think some of my former classmates at the Sauder School of Business could benefit from reading this book and some self-examination.

Another thing Guy alludes to is the dangers of using a word like “asshole” in a blog posting or the title of a book. I’m not prone to profanity. Heidi Staats who I’ve mentioned twice today in my blog once said to me “I’d never heard you swear before” after I swore one time. I went to school with Heidi for several years. On my website there isn’t much profanity and there isn’t any pornography but occasionally I’ll quote something which is profane, or I’ll make a joke which is a bit lewd, or I’ll even use a certain word or words over and over again just to see what will happen. What happens is people end up on your website looking for something that isn’t there and I don’t always think they appreciate the joke.

I also just noticed that I played a song by the band “Nashville Pussy” and the word “pussy” is now on my blog. I’m pretty sure the word pussy was never used previously, cat sure but not pussy… This month’s keyword referrals have already provided some oddities but with asshole and pussy in one post, lets just say once again there is no pornography on my website.

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