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Johnny Cash and YouTube

November 14th, 2006
Johnny Cash

I’ve written about Johnny Cash. I’ve written about YouTube. Now together for the first time ever Johnny Cash and YouTube in the same blog posting! Think of the keyword referrals!

There is a point to all this, over on MySpace, Johnny Cash’s MySpace page there was the announcement of the official Johnny Cash channel at YouTube. I subscribed. The first channel I ever subscribed to on YouTube, not sure what will happen, I’ll probably get some sort of notification when there is new content.

If the son of an Arkansas share cropper can become all Web 2.0-ified shouldn’t you?

I guess I can include his latest video. How do you release a video after you’ve passed on, well if you’re Johnny Cash you get a bunch of celebrities to appear in it, some even lip-syncing. I think the first three American Recordings are the strongest, but although the later work suffered some as he got weaker, I’m still glad he kept recording. I just wish more people listen to the message.

My favourite Johnny Cash song that he wrote, the one that is the most perfect, the one I’d give five stars to in iTunes is “I still miss someone”. There was a time when Johnny Cash was the only inductee into the Country Music Hall of Fame, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Songwriters Hall of Fame, maybe someone else has since done it, but I doubt it.

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