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Dimebag Licks On YouTube

January 30th, 2007
Pantera Logo

I’ve been going through a mammoth thread on Harmony Central containing a lot of cool guitar clips. Some of the clips have been taken down. Some YouTube won’t let me favourite… I keep clicking OK…

This one is from a Japanese TV show/magazine and shows Dimebag Darrell late of Pantera and Damageplan who I blogged about once before. Although not my style of music so much, this is more of an instructional video than performance footage. I’m not always the hippest with the technical guitar playing lingo, but one thing I noticed is his use of the whammy or tremolo bar. He bends it backwards in what he calls “Steve Vai style”. That won’t work so well with some guitar body shapes and tremolo bars possibly including my beloved Bigsby.

My guitar teacher in China was a huge Steve Vai fan I think. He played a seven string Ibanez and I always had to remember to count back from the nut and up from the high pitched E string. I also learned to count off music in Chinese. ;-)

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