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The World’s Largest Korean

February 12th, 2007
South Korean flag

While clicking around YouTube I found this footage of Choi Hong Man. He appears to be a K1 fighter. He fights Bob Sapp, a former football player who was brought to Japan to be a villain. A former sumo wrestler (Akebono) who was offered a lot of money to get into K1. A little Muay Thai fighter and some French guy. I’d like to see this Choi Hong Man fight someone like Mirko CroCop.

I watched a lot of K1 while in Japan. They have a MMA devision that Bob Sapp sometimes fights in. They bring over Western fighters but usually fighters who are past their prime or who never were that successful like Butterbean. There is one other major fighting organization, Pride, but they have less money behind it. Rumor is the UFC may buy that promotion. Although there are some really good fighters not in the UFC, a lot of the best fighters who aren’t Asian have been lured there. Most good North American fighters have moved back home, such as Quinton Jackson, a lot of Brazilians have always fought in the UFC, it was originally run by Brazilian-Americans. Very rarely do the best Japanese fighters come to the US.

The UFC plans to hold events in Canada, Mexico, the UK, and elsewhere. So maybe Choi Hong Man will fight Tim “The Maine-iac” Sylvia, if he hangs on to his belt with “The Natural” and CropCop after him.

Needless to say a big Asian guy beating up all the foreigners goes down well with the locals. Although Bob Sapp and Akebono have many Japanese fans they are marketed as heels in the pro wrestling sense. K1 has more theatrics than Pride or the UFC. I’m not talking about bright lights or loud music. I’m talking staged pre-fight footage, Bob Sapp’s entire career is based on being “The Beast” of course some people still think he is 可愛い, others might think he is 怖い.

One quirk of Japanese is the word for cute ‘Kawaii‘ is close to scary ‘Kowai‘. Using kana or kanji makes things more clear but the pronounciation is close enough to confuse me, I learned this on Halloween when I refused to dress up as anything cute and instead went as a vampire. It was a very popular costume, though it consisted of only makeup, the fangs didn’t really work out, I chose it so I could meet the entire dress code.

I wonder how many dubious keyword referrals this will lead to?


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