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Addicted to Food: Another TLC Documentary

March 14th, 2007
Man with a big gut

Once again while channel surfing waiting for something ‘good’ to come on I came across another shocking TLC documentary. This one was about four mega obese people. People so large that they live in their beds. They consume an average of $501 dollars worth of food per day. One guy eats over 14,000 calories per day.

His family cooks it for him, he has lived in his bed for years. I have sympathy for people who are addicted, who keep doing things they know are bad for them, but these people are in denial. They don’t comprehend how many calories they are consuming. They are classified as super morbidly obese, compulsive binge eaters.

I know I have problems. I worry all the time about things I can’t control. But I try to improve my life, change jobs, change locales, go back to school, do a professional designation, but things don’t get better for me. I’ve gained weight since I’ve moved back home as there is always junk food around to snack on.

I remember what size pants I wore in junior high school, because for the most part I wore the same size in high school and even during my undergrad and after I graduated. If I exercised a lot and was smart about what I ate I could fit into the same size pants. It got harder and harder but it was doable, right up until Pat and that damn indoor soccer league team guilted me into being a gimp. Life gets in the way sometimes when you have to suddenly move to Germany for work for instance. I’ve also done more and more damage to my knees and back and shoulders, that affect my ability to run and exercise like I used to. I still managed to qualify for the Little World Cup at UBC in soccer, of course I did it playing in goal, but during the all star tournament I played out, just not as well as I could have…

This show is really disturbing, one of the things that disturbed me the most was when it came on I was hungry and made dinner. For the record I ate a can of soup with a few crackers and a glass or orange juice. I don’t know how many calories it was. Everybody eats, everybody eats too much sometimes… I know when I’m gaining weight, besides looking in the mirror, I need to wear larger pants. These people don’t even wear real clothes, as they can’t get out of their bed. They order take in… I want to know where they get their money?

Addiction is a tough battle, I can understand people like Brian Wilson or Robert Crumb’s older brother who don’t want to leave their home, but being too fat to stand, to walk, to leave your bed… You must notice the weight gain. Others must notice the weight gain, but people don’t step in, or they do and the addict fights them or fights themselves…

I’m not the best person to give advice. I also perhaps shouldn’t be blogging. I probably shouldn’t be blogging about a TLC documentary again. Some lessons are hard to learn. Some habits are hard to break. Sometimes you have good intentions, but people don’t want your help. Rejection can really hurt.

I know hurt.

I’m waiting for Battlestar Galactica to come on, I remember the original series, and the ride at Universals Studios theme park, but the new show is dark and complex. I don’t really know what is going on as I’ve only seen a handful of episodes. I’m not the best at watching the same show week in, week out. Battlestar Galactica has a hot Asian cylon, played by a Korean-Canadian from Vancouver. I think the whole show is made in Vancouver. She went to UBC, I saw an interview with her once on Space.

Battlestar Galactica is not nearly as disturbing as this documentary. The Biggest Loser is a much more inspiring and innovative way to address Western societies problems with eating and excessive weight gain. The amount of weight Erik lost last season was amazing. The fact the show has a hot female personal trainer probably helps ratings too. ;-)

Ironically the Greg Valintino documentary came on right after the obesity one, maybe it is some sort of extreme body image week on TLC…

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