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April 12th, 2007

Although I’m trying not to blog, because I’m tired of telling the truth and being ignored, I have watched some of the traffic being sent to from the search engines and have noted down another month or so worth of odd keyword referrals.

Here they are for my adoring fans:

  • the worlds biggest steroid man
  • the more you suffer the more you know she really cares lyrics
  • how much did audrey hepburn weigh
  • kilbourne honeyrocket
  • hresume format
  • Websites of female legs and calves
  • G6120BS
  • 曹新丽
  • buffalo sabers
  • two face make up
  • “Sauder saga”
  • playing guitar alone
  • marlene arman
  • “Love is like friendship caught on fire”
  • syphilis game
  • korean word for cute
  • Townes Van Zandt Steve Earle Bob Dylan Warren Zevon Neil Young
  • mba sfu ubc essays
  • xiaofei zhu
  • worlds biggest tiits
  • fighting back the tears keeping my mind from wondering where you are trying to live me life the best i know.. song lyrics
  • you tell me where to go and though i may leave to find it… ill never let your head hit the bed without my hand behind i
  • search engines number one for big tits
  • Sauder MBA Irene Lee
  • calculating residual values of cashflows in excel
  • musk world
  • quotation about apologizing
  • disproportionate calves
  • yumi
  • noise marine guitar
  • freakish hands
  • opera widget porn
  • you’ve gotta have a heart to have a broken one lyrics
  • “darlene macneil”
  • irene leung
  • korean voyeur
  • joanna dmytryshyn
  • asian blog “my calves” gym
  • two fat ugly girls
  • satin laughing spreads his wings lyrics
  • which country has the most attractive asian women
  • chinese girl starcraft
  • huge korean calves
  • optimization of 355mL can of soda
  • eric huang ubc mba
  • youtube calf-muscles
  • “injected into my ass”
  • i swear ill give it back tomorrow, but for now, i think that ill just borrow all the chords from that song and all the words from that other song ive heard yesterday…
  • Martog’s Best Basha
  • too muscular calves
  • baidu vietnam
  • gary lau resume
  • gary lau ubc
  • sauder valedictorian election
  • UBC MBA worth it?
  • vc valuation methodology
  • misread country music lyrics
  • armitage “look, fucker, you do what we want”
  • anne dewolfe
  • speed metal bluegrass, cancer
  • blog on asian women with muscular calves
  • i wanna kill a cat
  • “elbow strikes” female mma
  • graduation blog by a valewdictorian
  • female chinese footballer
  • my friend is feeling down how to help
  • 7-foot-2 South Korean giant Hong Man Choi
  • Korean Girls Legs Muscular
  • yak penis soup
  • martini hingis pictures
  • “muscular calves” asian ugly
  • what your future boss can find about you
  • blog + vancouver + drugs
  • korean romanji
  • shanghai guitar blog
  • “online marketing” ~resume (CA OR California) -benefits -candidate -careers -eeo -eoe -example -job -jobs -opening -post -preferred -reply -sample -send -submit -template -your
  • Help me if you can, I’m feeling down
  • chinese monastery dangerous walkway
  • muskie mba blog
  • what is kai gun
  • who is more intelligent and good looking chinese japanese korean
  • “too fat to stand”
  • tiny tank top
  • chat with japanese girls from internet cafe
  • “getting into an mba program”
  • picking up Korean girls
  • “sexing�? a muskie

Is it just me, or the longer I do this, the stranger they get? I guess I’ll have to see about updating my top ten list, there must be one or two from the last month or so worthy of inclusion.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled silence.

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