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MBA is not a 4 letter word

May 19th, 2007
Job Wanted

The title of this posting was inspired by a little jab in a Guy Kawasaki blog posting, but then I never got around to actually writing a posting to go with the title. I’ve lost a lot of enthusiasm for blogging, for everything really. Today Guy had another great posting where he interviewed Penelope Trunk about career aspirations and progress in the 2000’s. Of course doing an MBA comes up, which reminded me of this perfectly good title I had kickin’ around in WordPress.

Penelope’s advice is to not do an MBA even if you can’t find a job, and she thinks it is more important to be like-able than smart. She also advises to specialize. There is so much conflicting advice when you are looking for a job. She advises a one page resume, where as most people say two is OK. I have enough trouble fitting things in with two pages to work with, brevity is not one of the strengths of my writing, though occasionally I can manage it. Supposedly half of US college seniors move back in with their parents and many people have long gaps on their resume, I know I’ll have one on mine when I next update it.

I’ve written a lot about doing an MBA, or getting into an MBA program, you’ll have to look long and hard to find someone who had a worse MBA experience than me. Apparently more and more people in Canada are deciding an MBA just isn’t worth the cost. That’ll teach business schools to teach people about “opportunity cost”.

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