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Odd Keyword Referrals: Safet Special Edition

June 2nd, 2007

After running into an old classmate from UVIC computer science I told him about my collection of odd keyword referrals and I told him I’d dedicate the next instalment to him. Still waiting for that email Safet…

Unanswered emails seems to be an ongoing theme in my life, I swear I should just go live in a monastery, if it wasn’t for the student debt…

Usually I just put them in roughly reverse chronological order from the last time I made a list of them, using the inexact system of cutting and pasting anything that strikes my fancy from Mint. This time I decided to break them into five subcategories: Names, Calves, Quotations, WTF, and Disturbing. As always some of the truly disturbing ones may be kept from the general public and I tried to find new and exciting calf related searches, rather than just the same ones over and over. I’ve also noticed a rise in single word referrals, a lot of my referrals come from Google Image Search.


  • Heidi Staats
  • “anne dewolfe” and about
  • Michelle Jin
  • musk blog, lindsay boswell
  • heidi ning blog vancouver
  • andrew mackay muskie
  • Joanna Dmytryshyn
  • fred makinen,facebook
  • 朱丹娜
  • brock lesnar inches
  • mba sauder darlene
  • anni cao
  • chinese surnames image lau
  • salina
  • “squig brain” handy
  • “eric huang” mba vancouver
  • rebekah kresila
  • South Korean Hong-Man Choi brock lesser
  • marlene lau
  • andrew kuo
  • chris and marlene
  • hyemi
  • Min Young Kim
  • “amy yanagisawa”
  • Maggie Wang


  • daikon calves
  • why do asian women have big calves
  • calf muscle development
  • “famous calves”
  • average calf size female -cow
  • big calf blog
  • strong asian women’s legs photos
  • huge muscular female bodybuilder calves
  • why are chinese women calves so big
  • big calves women sex
  • my calves are too big
  • muscular calves video clips
  • calves de monster mu
  • in general oriental women’s legs shorter calves
  • women’s with big calf muscles in skirts
  • woman with big calve muscles
  • ladies 20″” muscular calves
  • calves
  • “calves!!!”
  • asian girls big calves
  • massive asian calves
  • gigantic female calve muscles
  • youtube female bodybuilders calves
  • how to reduce big calf muscles
  • Asian girls huge calves


  • “you can have all your records back”
  • “Well, I know everyone always says sense of humor, but I’d really have to go with breast size.”
  • “how to increase your kill count”
  • “and masterbate as little as possible it drains
  • “she said your strange but don’t change”
  • He preys on those who would submit to bitterness and those who closet themselves in misery, while life moves on around them.
  • “I was lucky in the order…but I’ve always been lucky when it comes to killing folks”
  • lyrics been so lonely wanna die if i ain’t dead already lord you know the reason why
  • To me, making a tape is like writing a letter. There’s a lot of erasing and rethinking and starting again. A good compilation tape, like breaking up, is hard to do. You’ve got to kick off with a corker, to hold
  • The thought of suicide is a great consolation: by means of it one gets successfully through many a bad night.
  • I could eat eat alphabet soup and shit better lyrics than that


  • to take away the beauty i have, all day i will always wait for you, nothing to say i will find a way to you lyrics electronica
  • painting guitar strings
  • dress code for guitar concert
  • common korean nightclub phrases
  • linear programming model break even analysis fixed cost excel
  • song lyrics The Mexican Whore
  • The Alphabet According to TITS!
  • amputee female bodybuilders
  • i wanna live i wanna give i’ve been a minor for a heart of gold it’s these expression i’ve never had i’ve been searching for a heart of gold
  • south korean word for cute
  • huge
  • fat ugly
  • hollywood and women and abdominal muscles
  • Japan Pickup girls
  • liberated Chinese women blogs
  • freakish
  • favourite pretty actress
  • famous female biceps
  • lyen wong in ladies by name


  • meeting korean girls vancouver
  • “japanese sex search”
  • Painting Rotting Flesh
  • MBA depression
  • old cat vomiting
  • korean voyeur videos
  • busty goth
  • chines big tits
  • things that kill cats
  • chinese voyeur
  • Pictures of Ladies wearing stockings
  • how to pick up chinese girl in canada
  • youtube amputee women pictures
  • why dont americans use robertson screw bits
  • youtube amputee big tits
  • songs lyrics about Unkind people
  • shanghai girls in bar
  • wang
  • yong girls
  • Chinese girls in Vancouver
  • Korean girls thighs
  • busty japanese screwed
  • armitage foreign policy fucker
  • fucking chinese girls
  • broken betrayed belittled song
  • “Female bodybuilding porn”
  • how koreans stay skinny
  • two man glutes

I guess I need to think if any of these are top ten worthy. There have been a lot of weird referrals, I swear collecting them causes them to breed.

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