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Think Twice Before Hitting Send

May 25th, 2008

Think twice before hitting send, and apparently think twice before you piss off an A-list blogger. This jives with my hard earned experience on the dangers of electronic communication. The full article seems to have disappeared in a flurry of spite. Kindness is so underrated. Here is the bit that is still in my inbox:

We talk a lot about the importance of creating a personalized
pitch when you send story ideas to bloggers and journalists. Yet
if you still think casting a wide, generic net will yield a low,
but productive, rate of return, think again. Why? People like
Chris Anderson, editor in chief of Wired magazine, have had
enough and they’re taking action.

In a post at The Long Tail blog, Anderson condemns PR
professionals who litter his inbox with irrelevant pitches.
“Lazy flacks send press releases to the editor in chief of Wired
because they can’t be bothered to find out who on my staff, if
anyone, might actually be interested in what they’re pitching,”
he writes.

Anderson delivers swift retribution by publishing each of their
email addresses with a note that they will be blocked
irrevocably. This would be embarrassing enough for the
chastised — domains in the lengthy list include powerhouse PR
firms — but Anderson’s decision to out their addresses also
raises the chances they’ll be harvested by real spammers. In
other words, offenders will be subject to the same treatment
they’ve been dishing out. “Turnabout is fair play,” reasons

The Po!nt: “So fair warning,” writes Anderson. “I only want two
kinds of email: those from people I know, and those from people
who have taken the time to find out what I’m interested in and
composed a note meant to appeal to that.” Our best advice: Assume
everyone you’re pitching feels the same way.

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