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September 1st, 2008
Hello Kitty Guitar

The other day while trying to study a Chinese guy started playing guitar in Waves. I tried to remember the Chinese folk song I learned but could not remember one part. I remembered the beginning and the end. It is a very famous song called “月亮代表我的心” or “The moon represents my heart”. I played it so many times I thought I could play it in my sleep, but now my guitar playing is slipping away again…

So I looked for it on YouTube and everyone plays it differently from how my Chinese guitar teacher taught me. Here is a version.

I’ve forgotten most of the songs I’ve learned over the years, the ones I learned in China I don’t even know the title and my teacher never wrote anything down, he just showed me and I learned by watching him basically.

I’ve played a lot in the last few days, enough to get a blood blister on the middle finger of my fretting hand. I’m no Bob Log III though. While looking at versions of this Chinese folk song I found a number of female Asian guitarists that put most anyone to shame.

Su Meng

Seems to be among the world’s best classical guitarists, she just happens to be from Qingdao China. There are several clips of her playing classical guitar, alone or with three other attractive Asian women.

The Four Angels concert took place in Seoul Korea, and Korean guitar company called Dame has recordings of a woman playing their guitars in a variety of styles. It is credited to Su. Here is the funk and blues clip which someone has posted on YouTube. I wonder if this will change my friend Kevin’s opinion of Asian musicians. If you just listen to it in the background like I’m doing now while I type this, you don’t say pretty good for an Asian chick, it doesn’t sound particularly Asian at all. It is probably a bit cleaner than most people would play, not a lot of buzz but then the guitar company probably wanted a clean tone. It’s some hot playing.

You didn’t think I could go a whole post on Asian female guitar players without mentioning Marlene Lau did you? I don’t know why she treated me so strange and when I complained she wasn’t treating me as the friend she claimed I was, she lashed out and hurt me more than you can probably imagine. I still haven’t recovered even after three years. I don’t think I ever will Marlene.

Here’s a YouTube Marlene would probably get a kick out of, it is an Asian girl playing the Guile theme from Street Fighter 2.

I went looking for a female Japanese guitar player and I ended up with this. I was just trying to prevent war in East Asia.

I found a more appropriate clip by Miki Sugimoto.

I guess I should mention I saw a number of female rock musicians play while in China, none of them were as good as the clips above. The most famous of which is Hang on the Box who I since heard on CBC Radio as part of their Olympic buildup.


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