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January 12th, 2009
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During the last three years, (almost four now since I completed my MBA) I’ve been working towards the CFA designation. Not terribly effectively either, I’ve encountered many difficulties along the way, but as part of the hundreds and hundreds of hours I spent studying I created some study materials.

If you just want to download them and run, click here and here. However, if you want to ‘steal’ them and claim copyright over them on Scribd like “Abhishek Chaudhary” be very aware, I will eventually find out, and I will unleash the righteous fury of the blogosphere and the Twitterverse upon thee.

Update May 2016: This post is still popular but I’m not sure why, other posts before or after this one are probably better at explaining the material that may be covered on the Level 1 CFA Exam. I had to go back and edit every single post where I used the acronym “CFA” this year. You really should study rather than blog.

I can’t believe I’m still spending my nights doing both alone at a desk in China, I eventually did pass the CFA Level 2 Exam. Then a year later I passed the CFA Level 3 Exam.

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  • LoL says:

    You are one disturbed fuck.

    • Muskie says:

      Thank you for your kind works, there is nothing I like better than to wake up in the morning and to be called a “disturbed fuck”. Your bravery, integrity, and good nature will serve you well in your continued efforts to torment and belittle random people on the Internet. Keep up the good works and thank you ever so much for stopping by my blog and insulting me.

  • Earl Bautista says:

    Hello there!

    I’m Earl from the Philippines and can I just say that your materials have really been of great help for my review for the CFA Level I exam this December. Still, I know I have yet to cover a lot of topics to deepen my knowledge.

    Reading through online forums, I’ve learned of mock exams from Boston Security Analysts’ Society and their reputation for being a good material for review. However, I also learned that it comes at a hefty price.

    See, I was wondering if there was a way I could borrow a copy from you, as I’ve read that you’ve also used the BSAS mock exam/test bank for your preparations for the CFA exams. Can you please send it to my email (earlanthony_bautista[at]yahoo[dot]com)?

    Hoping for your speedy reply! I hope you continue to be of help to other CFA candidates such as myself who have limited (financial or other) resources.

    Many thanks! Godspeed!

    • Muskie says:

      I can’t help you further. I already went above and beyond in helping CFA Candidates and my MBA classmates, the ROI from all my effort is negative.

      I do not have the material you seek. Any Level 1 mock exams I have are old, the curriculum has changed. If you’re trying to find more materials online I suggest you increase your Google-fu, try searching with Topsy perhaps or on one of those Torrent websites. Ask on some forums. I don’t have any more study material to give away and even if I did, like I said, I’ve done enough helping random strangers on the Internet this lifetime.

      I need to start looking after myself better.


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