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February 16th, 2009
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I’ve not always done the best job at blogging. I’m too honest, too busy (at times), and not ruthless enough in editing before hitting send. I’ve spent entirely too much time blogging and attempting to improve my albatross of a blog, including again at the end of 2014. This post is from 2009 and was originally written at the Radio City Cafe in the heart of Downtown Eastside Vancouver. People always encourage you to blog, to speak up, to tell the truth, they encourage you so they don’t have to face the consequences themselves. I’ve deleted and edited many, many blog posts, but the damage has definitely been done, but not by my blog, not even by social media, but by a private email or two and the willingness even eagerness of my Sauder MBA classmates to turn on me and savage me behind my back, all the well claiming to be my friend.

There are a lot of old posts of mine that are just unfocussed collections of links. Now Twitter or Pinterest or even Facebook is where you share individual links and your blog is where you write longer more thoughtful pieces. Alas that is optimal, life is far from optimal. Below is what I salvaged from the original posting.

I’m reasonably busy at work and one of my tasks seems to be acting as Majora Carter’s personal BC press agent. Some people don’t read my blog, some people don’t think, some people shouldn’t say negative things about their employer, publicly on the Internet, especially while still on probationYou are your Google results and you’re always writing for your future boss.

In addition to Operation Phoenix, the Globe and Mail has gotten into the act with their own focus piece on Vancouver’s DTES. They called their’s “The Fix”. Their coverage apparently makes a passing reference to where I work and I believe they did interview my boss. It is only a matter of time before some fool interviews me. Actually I was interviewed on the streets about Libby Davis round about the attempted coup but I guess I didn’t make it to the final telecast.

One thing that is also getting a lot of press locally is gang violence, well shooting people in the streets really. Last week BOB hosted a group of employment councilors to give them insight into clients they may have who are gang members or gang affiliated. Our primary speaker was Amir Javid, who made an immediate impression by speaking with a bullet proof vest on. That is a tip you won’t get at Toastmasters. He also had with him a mother who’s son was shot dead in Calgary, but he was a good kid, from a loving home in Vancouver, and not speaking much, but present was Dean who had been shot twice in the head during a dispute involving Asian gangs but lived to tell about it. Why am I mentioning this all a day late and dollar short? Well Amir was supposedly on the front page of the Province today. And I guess unlike the much more well known Sean Orr, I not only link to stories about the neighborhood, but am actively working with a wide variety of people to try to make improvements. It’ll take more than just the time remaining until the Olympics to bring lasting change to the DTES. But Amir has stories of people who have changed and he’ll be chronicling his efforts on his website, Real World Truth.

I can be as bleak and negative as anyone, but sometimes you have to accentuate the positives.

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