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July 7th, 2009
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We’ve been busy at work and I’m working a bit more than 9 to 5 sometimes, but I still try to take it easy, but I don’t get a lot accomplished outside of BOB. I bought a new Wii game, one my downstairs neighbours and “Steve” from Prince Rupert will probably dig. It is clearly inspired by Frank Miller’s Sin City, though it is even more violent and cartoony, lowbrow, not for the intelligentsia.

I’m in the middle of some sort of movie set, and there was a motorcade down Cordova earlier. First I thought it might be the Emperor of Japan as he is coming to Strathcona, but that is next week. Now it is clearly a film being shot in Gastown. Though it probably is going to be Chicago or London or some other city. Vancouver never plays itself.

Film Crew on Carrall

I was in the news recently, at least in passing, this was to do with the launch of Dragon Rickshaw Adventures on the weekend. Our CEO usually gives all the interviews but she is less available and perhaps less forthcoming with juicy tidbits than myself. I may end up on CBC, again. To quote Greendale “It isn’t a duty to be on TV, and it isn’t a privilege either.”

There are a bunch more news articles and RSS feeds I could link to, I just don’t have time. I’m blogging over lunch in Gastown hence the film shooting scoop. Richards on Richards is finally closing with the final show this month, they mean it, they are really tearing the building down to build more condos…

New York City cab in Blood Alley

In an “only in Canada” headline which actually makes a lot of sense if you’ve ever played rugby as a youth in Canada or most sports other than hockey. Hockey players are taught to cheat. Football is a hitting sport but you hit until the whistle. In hockey you hit after the whistle until the linesman breaks it up. This is actually a lot worse, a youth was killed playing rugby, by another youth who apparently is a junior hockey star, and it wasn’t just after the whistle, but after the final whistle, the game was over, and the court gave no jail sentence and the victim’s father fingered hockey coaches. Cheating is just too accepted in hockey. Rugby has 30 players on the field and their is no doubt the ref is in charge, as you get a penalty for just looking at the ref wrong, of course some people are just beyond control, but apparently it is legal to kill people as long as it takes place on an athletic field. Madworld isn’t so far fetched after all…

From the still proficient Guy Kawasaki, a good guide to social marketing, and from Korea, Naver is open for business in Japan and Cyworld is embracing OpenSocial.

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