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Abnormal Keyword Referrals

August 17th, 2009

Well this blog isn’t writing itself and despite having misgivings I’ve again looked at some of the strange keyword referrals people use to arrive here, and to the amusement of my fans and the less than bemusement of my detractors, I give you the latest, strangest batch.


日久见人心 means

I wasn’t so sure myself, I had to look it up. This isn’t the best translation, but hey, people want to know.

no way i’m whether i say no way some came in a diamond bottle coffey in a golden song lyrics (Poland)

I knew there had to be a reason there are not a lot of famous Polish songwriters.

strong and beautiful in chinese

This one I know.

big tits big calves

This man knows what he likes. You just know a man typed this in.

Not so Funny

“Marlene Lau” mba sauder

Marlene Lau mba

“marlene lau”

“marlene lau” vancouver

What can I say, someone googled all these back to back one day. I never lied to anyone, I was only trying to help a ‘friend’. I certainly never threatened anyone and tried to ruin their life.

the saddest thing in life is wasted talent. And the choices that you make will shape your life forever

This quotation is from the Chazz Palminteri movie “A Bronx Tale”.

Musk Rules!

matthew sweet

For a while Matthew Sweet was the shit. Now he’s settled into a respected level of inactivity. He and Susanna Hoffs actually have another album out just recently.

marketing to socially conscious consumers

I wrote an article about this once, just not on this blog.

three on a bench one act play

Someone must have read my play, then decided they wanted to read it again. Perhaps they just wanted to rip me off.

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