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Let me tell you a story

September 24th, 2009

Imagine a hobby.

Imagine a game where you push little toy soldiers around on a table.

Imagine two people do this at the same time, it is a game.

Imagine one person wins and one person loses.

Imagine that sometimes a group of people get together and play several games to determine the big winner.

Now imagine several tournaments across the country with the big winners getting together to play yet more games to determine the big big winner.

Now the big big winner gets his picture on the internet and in a magazine, he and his club become famous, but not everyone could participate in the tournament, not everyone thinks the big big winner is the best in the land. Some people are less than diplomatic in trying to make this point, words are said, insults are hurled.

Words can hurt, words can scar, I’m still traumatized by the words and actions of my ‘friends’.

Warhammer 40,000 is only a game, there is no need to insult people’s wives or make light of their recent miscarriage, my female co-worker confirmed this and so too did anonymous and quasi-anonymous internet people.

I’ve seen this shit before, I’ve lived it. I stay away from some people, some forums, I was forced to live in fear…

40K is only a game, life isn’t. You are responsible for your words and actions, even online. Some people never forget, some people never forgive, some people refuse to believe you even when you beg them to and insist you’re telling the truth.

It’s beyond sad.


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