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December 28th, 2009

I now own Civilization IV Gold for the Mac and once it finishes downloading I will have Civilization Revolution for my iPhone. I can’t seem to get internet access in Deep Bay or Nanaimo, but I set up a WiFi network at my mom’s so I can invest in a few apps.

Christmas was pretty good, we did cut back, but I’ve since spent about $200 I received on clothes and of course Civilization IV. I’ve yet to play either as we’ve been visiting relatives and picking up gifts for the gift exchanges.

The TV is starting to do stories on all the news stories of the years, lots of stories about the Olympics and the cost overruns and delays, like no one saw these coming.

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  • Muskie says:

    I’ve been playing Civilization IV Warlords and Civilization Revolution on my iPhone. The small screen of the iPhone makes moving long distances hard, but they’ve simplified the rules and ways to win, there is no workers and you get free units or something else when you’re the first to invent a technology.

    In the big game you can build a lot of stuff. I’ve been building and building and still haven’t won, I should probably just wipe everyone out, that’s quicker on the easy levels. The great people and the religions as well as which techs to go for early I’ll have to work on but so far I’m liking the French under Louis IV for my culture/builder style and I’m using Alexander on the iPhone.

    My mom’s computer seems to play fine on the small map with 5 AI who don’t do much, my brand new iPhone should be ample for Civilization Revolution which was made by 2K China it seems.

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