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February 2nd, 2010
Social Media Icons

I’ve written extensively about online reputations, social networks, and the dangers of electronic communication. Alas some people are still just plain stupid and it is starting to cost them. I’m not stupid, naive maybe, but not stupid. I Googled myself the other day and noticed that two of the top ten results were social networks I never kept up to date. Luckily or skillfully depending on how you want to look at it, my top result remains my resume.

I deleted my hi5 and Friendster profiles. It wasn’t hard. I also was trying to catch up on email and noticed I’m subscribed to way too many things I don’t care about and one of them is another social network called Xing. Xing isn’t bad but I have over 100 contacts in LinkedIn and had four in Xing. I’m told it is popular in Europe and Asia… It was harder to delete my Xing profile, so if you’re trying to, here is a direct link.

I’m at Smart Mouth and was telling an out of town blogger the lay of the land in the Vancouver social media scene. Which due to seniority and sheer refusal to disappear I seem to have become a part of. Though everyone I know is more famous than me.

I was going to write more, but I must return to my day job, where I’ll do more blogging, not likely I’m trying to catch up on email that piled up during the hecticness of last week. Having a laptop is way better than using webmail. Though I still don’t have my new laptop completely backed up or had the time to update all my apps.

On my way back to work I suffered another panic attack.

  • It worked, the top 20 Google results for Andrew Muskie McKay are all quite professional. Not that my reputation or me personally will ever fully recover from what people said and did back in March 2005.

    Andrew McKay is a popular name, so much so I don't worry about it, Muskie McKay finds my hobby stuff or at least features it more prominently. But Andrew Muskie McKay which I've used for the last decade or so to apply for jobs, shows some half decent results in Google currently. We'll see if I can keep it that way.

  • nicole_scooter

    Thanks again for the tips on what's going on here in Vancouver! It was much appreciated!!

  • No worries. I really do try to help people, even if some people take advantage of me or refuse to admit they were wrong to make accusations and jump to conclusions. Since meeting you I ran into April Smith at the Megaphone launch press conference and she got your email but didn't get the impression you wanted to interview her. I also ran into Kris Krug at another press conference and he definitely wants you to look him up as well as W2 and the True North Media House. Dave was just interviewed by the Straight:

    Bit surprised you didn't have a DISQUS account, I'm not sure if it is the ultimate solution, but I decided to give it a try and you're the first non-spam comment I've had. Good luck with the rest of your blogging in Vancouver. I started to blog daily since I can do a better job of it than most, I also blog at work:

    The blog roll is pretty good for the better, focused Vancouver blogs. There are a lot of popular personal blogs in Vancouver, but for work we mainly link to balanced news type blogs or blogs that are local to the inner-city.

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