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April 23rd, 2010

I finally won a game of Civilization IV on the third difficulty level, not that impressive perhaps, but it took many tries. Civilization IV has been taking up too much of my time and affecting my sleep pattern. I’ve also been watching a lot of hockey on TV, but with the first team eliminated (New Jersey) tonight, I’m cutting myself off from Civilization for a few days.

I took about a 48 hour break before, but I didn’t accomplish much, so this time I’m not resuming trying to win, until I clear off my ‘ta do’ list. It isn’t too onerous, the big thing I was going to work on while ‘f-unemployed’ was my trench table. I haven’t worked on that in over a week, especially since I started making excuses about having trouble cutting the foam. The foam is also not perfectly cut by the Home Depot staffer, which makes my job harder. I haven’t found the tool I want locally. I’ve been meaning to go shopping further afield for it, maybe tomorrow.

Tomorrow I plan to check out a concert, Rodney Decroo and his Convictions along with Spoon River and special guests, which I think is one of Paul Pigat’s projects. It is at the Fairview Pub which since I was in Kits I biked behind it perhaps. Not sure who else is going, I haven’t been recruiting…

Lots of stuff in the news, Goldman Sachs, volcano in Iceland, earthquake in China, even the NFL draft. You can tell how much my life has changed when I didn’t know it was the NFL draft until a hockey journalist mentioned it. I’ve been pretty hockey and MMA focused the last few years.

I was working on a longer post about looking for work, but I haven’t finished that posting nor have I found a job, so look at my resume!

I plan to buy the second Civilization IV expansion so I can try some new civs, I won with Saladin, he is one of my three favourite leader options with the Warlords expansion. Looking forward to trying the game as:

  • Dutch – Willem Van Oranje
  • Egypt – Hatshepsut
  • Greece – Pericles
  • India – Gandhi
  • Russia – Peter
  • Arabia – Saladin
  • Byzantium – Justinian I

The combos in bold, are new to Beyond the Sword. I like leaders who are Philosophical and Spiritual, but Creative gets a lot of love online. I run out of money sometimes by expanding too fast, so attributes that keep costs down are also desirable. I like to start with Mysticism and the Wheel most of all so that figures in the leaders I prefer. Unique units and unique buildings don’t figure much into my preferences. That is something I plan to look at in more detail, however I’ve already read enough, nothing substitutes for experience.

Oh and it’s Earth Day, Record Store Day was better.

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  • Muskie says:

    I've now won my last two games of Civ IV:BTS on the third easiest level. Time to move up a level I guess. But what I really need to do is find a job, work on some of my projects, and exercise. Civilization takes so long, even when you know you're winning… In my last game as Pericles, my corporation wanted me to go to war to get the last resource I didn't have which was stone. Of course if the computer was more reasonable I could have traded for it, but there appeared to be a single source of stone on the entire map. I ended up winning by Space Race, I actually came within a few 1000 culture of a cultural victory, so I'm going to try harder for that going forward.

    I won previously with Hatshepsut, I haven't won at BTS with any of the others listed above. I'm still learning which wonders are the best, though I think I've got the tech tree down pretty good. I seem to be settling for one or two religions and sticking with a state religion. I stay on Pacifism and produce a lot of great people. I avoid wars and dominate the tech race picking up cities through culture too. Most everything went right, except having no stone.

    I still think starting near stone and/or marble is the best. Everything else can be traded for, though perhaps, Iron, Oil, and Aluminum are the toughest. I was nuked last game too, even though I'm pretty sure we had banned Nukes. In the olden days, when someone nuked you, the others would gang up on them, same in Alpha Centauri which had the cool nuke graphics for the Planet Buster. In BTS I got no graphics, the screen shook a bit and I had to find out way late that I was nuked, there wasn't even any debris to clean up… Maybe nukes ain't what they used to be…

    Alpha Centauri still might be the best, even with BTS, there still isn't much to do with your workers once you've built your railroads. In Alpha Centauri there always seemed to be stuff to do plus it just seemed harder, especially the economic victory which I swear was near impossible, I never accomplished it.

    Corporations are tougher to found than religions, maybe Great Merchants are the best of the great people, I had every one, but mostly prophets and engineers in my best game, ended up with over 7000 points 'normalized'.

    Now it is so time for bed.

  • Muskie says:

    Last night I couldn't sleep so finally around 2 AM I got up to have some cheese and crackers. I read some more stuff on CivFanatics and tried a game with Peter the Great of Russia. I think I figured out one of my problems, I switch to Pacifism too soon which costs me money and research. I also got attacked several times. I need to maintain a large standing army which is expensive in Pacifism and once I'm attacked I need to think about changing civics instead of sticking to my principals.

    Who your neighbors are matters in Civ, also I think starting near Stone or Marble is huge. Having that resource makes building early wonders easier. Philosophical combined with Pacifism lead to a lot of Great People, but I couldn't even use them after a while, as the Great Merchants were hemmed in due to a border dispute with France.

  • Muskie says:

    I think I have to break my no Civ vow, I'm unable to sleep and I've read a bunch more stuff I want to try out. Yellow faces… The game is so big you don't even know what some buttons do. I blame the fact there is no printed manual with the edition I have. I loved the original Civ manual I remember reading it in my grandparents basement and I couldn't wait to actually play the game. Maybe that was SimCity's manual. It used to be close, but now I'm Civ all the way, it has aged better. Anyway here is the latest article I've been reading, where I learned I shouldn't stay in Nationhood out of fear of being attacked, especially if I have a Spiritual leader, which I often do.

    Gandhi and Hatshepsut were my original two leaders du jour, once I learned the game a bit. Now I'm more open, especially after reading all the pro-Financial stuff on CivFanatics.

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