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Removing a hard drive from an iBook G4

April 27th, 2010
My recreation of the sad mac icon

Is not as easy as you might wish it was. My sister’s laptop was considered mostly dead, my PowerBook G4 had recently died too. We both had new hard drives we got put in by Simply Computing. I put my old hard drive in an enclosure and copied my account to my new Mac. I had other backups. My sister didn’t…

So I got drafted to copy her data to her new iMac, alas the laptop wasn’t booting, so target disk mode didn’t seem likely. The hard drive was literally two months old, still under warranty I imagine. So it was decided to get an enclosure, remove it from the iBook G4, move the data, then put the original iBook hard drive back in the iBook and use the one in an enclosure as a backup drive. Of course she already had an external drive, she just hadn’t backed up in like a year.

There are instructions and even a time lapse video on how to do this, but I remember reading once that it was non-trivial. We had to buy the 2mm hexagonal key and number 8 Torx, then it took three different tiny Philips screw drivers. Some of them were very tight, possibly due to Simply, regardless it was a tonne of work to get it apart. I don’t want to put it back together, we had to get the enclosure form Victoria, Courtney didn’t have one for an IDE drive, only SATA.

iBook G4 14"

This is a non-trivial amount of work, keep track of where the screws go, I didn’t do this as well as I should have, but I was hoping to avoid rebuilding this machine after all the work it was to get it apart. My PowerBook I just let Simply dispose of, after paying about $150 to find out the logic board was fried and a new one was a $1000 from Apple. My sister just bought a new computer didn’t even get her problem professionally diagnosed.

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