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June 24th, 2010
Job Wanted

I still haven’t gotten a cent from whatever government service I’m supposed to be collecting from now that I’ve been unemployed for almost three months… I filled in all the forms, I’ve dropped off the stuff, I’ve called… I’ve been living off the line of credit I established while I was a software developer. My MBA at the Sauder School of Business has been anything but worth it.

This despite me being one of the top people in the program according to Anne DeWolfe… There was just this one incident, not really worth mentioning again, that couldn’t possibly affect me in any negative way, when it was decided I must be lying and because they could I was hurt and punished.

In other news, Slovakia has gone up 2-0 on defending World Cup Champion Italy. I’m again at Our Town, because basically I can’t sleep at night. I lie awake thinking, every now and then I get up to look something up or work on my hobby project. At about 6 AM I get up for good, worked on my hobby project some more, ate breakfast, got the Globe and Mail and came here, read the paper, looked for a job.

I applied to three jobs yesterday, three more the day before. I’ve looked at a 1000 plus jobs. I read the career advice in the paper, but I suppose I could look for more career advice online. I’ve been trying to stay positive, been working on my hobby projects. Today I even got out my bike.

Of course before I went a block it started to rain. My front tire is totally flat too. I need to invest in some cheap paint. I even made a swatch as I try to match my more expensive paint…

2-1 for Slovakia with about 10 minutes to go and a big fight inside the goal, the Italian of course acts like he was shot, alas he isn’t even bleeding. He must come from a long line of Italian war heroes. The Italian player totally went after the goalkeeper first. Then the goalkeeper pawed at him, got a card for it too. Italy and West Germany are the two teams I dislike the most in World Soccer.

Go Slovakia!

  • Italy scored, but were offside. Of course if the Slovakian centre back had headed the ball outside the box, he tried, but come on, the game is on the line here…

  • Slovakia scored, then Italy in extra time.

    So much for soccer being boring. It has turned into basketball with never ending stoppages in the last few seconds. Hopefully Slovakia hangs on and sends Italy home.

    Of course I wore my Finland shirt, which I wore when Finland defeated Slovakia for the Bronze Medal at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, maybe that helped them. They deserved the win, Italy was defending champs and is supposedly one of the better teams defensively, historically, but Slovakia, Slovakia! Put three goals behind their keeper, and to quote the announcer, Italy goes home in disgrace!

  • Canada EI just direct deposited the money I must be due, that is the first money to go into my account in a while. Unfortunately it will all go to TD and rent and whoever else I owe money too. Still no job, but i found one I'm interested in, alas it closes on July 15th, which thinking harder isn't that long from now. I'd expected to be working by now…

  • Steve K

    Hang in there brother. Don't give up.

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