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I’ve lost my copy of Exile on Main Street

July 14th, 2010
Exile On Main Street album cover

I went to get it to check the songwriting credits as I’m working on a new mix entitled “Ain’t no Beatle, Ain’t no Rolling Stone”, bonus points for knowing where that refrain is from… Anyway it isn’t with my other Rolling Stone CDs so I go through every CD in my various CD racks to see if it got misfiled. It ain’t there.

Then I get all paranoid and look in my iTunes library and the album is there. I know I own it. I know I own it on CD as when they recently re-released it I decided against buying it as I already had it and the unreleased tracks didn’t seem too inspiring. I remember the cover, the guy with the golf balls in his mouth. Where is it?

First my cookbook, which somehow ended up at my mom’s house. Then one of my books at work got borrowed and never returned, now one of my favourite albums is just up and gone. I got on the floor looking for it, moving papers on my desk etc. No luck. I usually listen to music straight from iTunes outputted digitally by my M-Audio Transit device which is working better since I turfed Simplify Media. But I still want the CDs, it’ll probably turn up as I don’t think I lent it to anyone, but supposedly I didn’t lend “Don’t make me think” to anyone either it just walked off my desk at work, never to be returned... I know I lent it to several of my coworkers too.

It just doesn’t pay to lend people anything. There are libraries and video stores for a reason. Go use them, they have budgets to replace lost and damaged items. I don’t. I don’t even have a job right now.

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