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September 29th, 2010
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Since my last blog post I’ve put a lot more work into creating some sort of CD cover gallery. I’ve discovered that there is a never ending string of things that annoy me about PHP, but I keep on keeping on. Although a lot of my work isn’t readily apparent, I’ve gotten both an Amazon API and the API working. I’ve also discovered that making a lot of requests to these services from my humble little website is not quick.

I’ve also remembered that iFrames is an evolutionary deadend in HTML. So I’ve decided to invest more time and effort into PHP and create some sort of mashup or at least proof of concept, or concepts during my latest extended period of unemployment.

I first started learning PHP when I was getting WordPress to work back in 2005. In the olden days there was a lot less support online for WordPress, it had a lot less features, and it really did set up in under 5 minutes, it was creating a theme and later dealing with all the plugins that took the time and effort. MySQL isn’t necessarily my favourite but it is never my data that is wrong, it is sometimes the text encoding, which is an issue with PHP and MySQL.

Since PHP isn’t really that useful to an MBA graduate, I spent a lot more time and effort learning VBA so I could become an Excel guru. That seemed more useful, though I still can’t decide which is more kludged together, PHP or VBA. Both now in theory support object oriented programming but it doesn’t matter what methodology you support if people just cut n’ paste and hack stuff together. Yoast apparently was a little fed up with some people today.

I’ve given away a lot of code and assistance. In fact most of the code I’ve ever written is either not in use, or no one but few know I even wrote it. In theory 1000s even 10,000s of lines of code I’ve written are now open sourced, but again not sure how big an accomplishment that really is.

I’m still unemployed. I didn’t get another job today. And after this post is complete I’ll be looking for work, I found one or two jobs in my RSS feeds. I’m still not drinking the PHP Kool Aid but I have gotten most of the things I need to get to work to build a real album or cd collection class, then I’ll try to make it sing and dance once I get basic functionality and integration complete.

Does the iTunes music store have an API? I should look around for some other API to try and pull data from, there are a lot of things I don’t know, but I like music and I own a lot of CDs so once I get my CSV file perfected I’ll try to make that visually exciting, in the mean time I’ll keep on looking for work and writing PHP.

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