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November 28th, 2010
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Well my anti-hotlinking solution seems to be working. The biggest offenders from this month shouldn’t be stealing any more of my bandwidth. The photos I posted to various miniature painting forums seem to all still be working. But what I really need to do is see if this will solve the problem long term and towards that end I think I need some new images for search engines to find and for people to try and steal.

Update: There are now many many online social networks the one that is best for sharing images you do not own the copyright for is probably Pinterest, you still could get a nasty email from some lawyers but mostly I suspect you just delete one pin and move on, or Pinterest will delete it for you. However embedding images from Pinterest on your blog is hard, but still might be worth the fight versus dealing with hotlinkers, you could also try a free blog host like If you host yourself you get all kinds of headaches. If you do own the copyright to the image such as a photo you took yourself I recommend Flickr.

Some of the images that were a part of this post got pinned either by me or by someone other me. This post served it’s purpose and I’m removing the images, there is more than enough dubious content on my blog still despite years of editing and revising posts.

  • Rin or someone close to Rin seems to have a blog. She has some rather risque pictures on there, hopefully she does not go the route of Hitomi Tanaka who started out as an Idol but became and AV actress, this is like going from being in a calendar or some car magazine to being in a porn movie…

    In other news she seems to show off new shirt designs so perhaps I’ll have to tax my Japanese or just call in help to see about acquiring one. That’ll give me mad Japanese MMA cred. :-P

    Oh here is a link to her blog if you can’t find it in Google:

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  • According to the recently installed stats package that came with Jetpack, this is the most popular post I’ve made recently, with recently being say in the last six months…

  • If you’re a fan of Asian women with abs, you probably want to check out Melissa Wee. She is lives in Singapore and seems to be pretty hardcore about losing weight and gaining muscle. She appears to love showing off her abs in her Bodyspace profile:

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