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Time to Master .htaccess

November 28th, 2010
My recreation of the sad mac icon

I did some research and hopefully I’ve found one that does what I want, embarrasses hotlinkers by serving alternative image, works for subdomains like this blog, and allows me to post the odd image to a forum… I’m going to have to test it, but in the mean time hotlinkers I haven’t mocked by renaming files will now see this image:

Since attractive Asian women dominate the Internet now, I opted to borrow this one from some forum. ;-) My .htaccess solution comes from this fellow,

Do Not Hot Link to my domain

  • My website and email went down again last night, but it is backup as now I’m paying for more bandwidth, congratulations hotlinkers. Of course this is also my fault for posting dubious stuff and letting things get this far. I think I’m going to switch to showing a 403 rather than give hotlinkers any bandwidth…

  • My supposed solution isn’t working at all. I left a comment in his thread at PerishablePress.


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