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Did you see that kick?

December 17th, 2010

What kick?

This kick from the Henderson VS Pettis WEC Lightweight Title Fight.

Pettis goes full Matrix on Henderson

Sorry the resolution is less than stellar, it was the only one that appeared in a timely manner on Sherdog and was likely made by someone watching a live feed on their computer. I’m sure this clip will be on Sports Center, YouTube, all sorts of plays of the year highlight shows.

Also amazing, Ben Henderson survived the kick actually got up and tried to win the round and the fight. This was a total ballsy move on Pettis’s part as it was in the final round of a close championship fight which Pettis ended up winning, but this was the exclamation mark. Now he faces the winner of Frankie Edgar and Gray Maynard.

Journalists are probably still editing, I’ll try to find some stills, and official footage later, for now enjoy the Ninja Kick of Doom as some Sherdoggers dubbed it. Eventually it became known as the “Showtime Kick” here is another gif of it, from MMA Mania.

This may be the only animated gif left on my blog because I’ve had so much trouble with bandwidth theft. Of course I don’t own the rights to this footage, nowadays there is Twitter and Giphy but given the rise of MMA I decided to keep a few old posts around. If you have thoughts on the Showtime Kick you can leave it below.

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